Green Energy!

Generate Your Own Energy
A direct way of using renewable energy is to install renewable energy generating equipment like solar panels, bio gas units or small turbines at your home. These systems can be cost-effective, particularly in rural areas where abundance of natural resources is available and coking gas is  becoming scarce and expensive. These sources are inexpensive, Eco friendly low maintenance alternatives.  Many homes choose to augment their existing utility power with solar panels and bio gas; in this arrangement, they reduce their electric and gas bill by generating a portion of their own power needs. Solar water heaters are another great technology that is vastly underused in our country. While these devices don’t generate electricity, they do reduce the need for electricity or gas for your water heater. Solar water heaters can provide 50-80% of the hot water needs for typical homes and businesses.

Bio gas Plants for home and business

We can install bio gas products for your home or business with govt subsidy and full support of our team. We do large high capacity plants for business and small plants for home use.

Pictures of  BIO GAS PLANTBIO GAS PLANT - Household - Domestic Help

Bio-gas at Home:

Solar Power for home and business

We have several products to augment your existing utility power with cost effective solar energy. Please call us or email us for list of products.

Solar Water Heater: (Greenlite)

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